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Mostly Men, Couples and People Raising Kids and Trying Not to Hate Each other


Has your partner threatened divorce or issued an ultimatum? Are you going through a break-up and wondering what the hell just happened? Are you feeling numb and disconnected in love? Are you going on lots of first dates and not making it to the second? Let's work together.

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Stuck in the same cycle of fights going nowhere? Looking to speak each other's love language? Wondering how you ever ended up together in the first place? Deciding if it's worth the fight? I work with couples who are trying to get back to the good stuff in love and relationships.


Are you separating, divorcing or still miscommunicating? Are you in the early stages of splitting and wanting a game plan to tell your children? Are you fighting over vacation days, who buys the socks or introducing a new partner into the mix? We can work together to keep the kids first.

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Early on, I realized I had a gift for interacting with people.   My natural curiosity about those around me made it easy to build genuine connection and trust. With ease, I could have deep and meaningful conversations with people I just met. I studied French, Spanish and sociolinguistics in college and was fascinated with language—how it’s used to connect us to each other, and how changes in syntax or code could shift conversation. I recognized that connection and communication are more than simply what was is said, but how tone and intention can either make or break a moment, decision or negotiation.  

I  had worked with youth in the outdoor education throughout school, and after college on a whim took a job assisting C-level executives with their businesses and families. I enjoyed the daily challenges of the business world, but I quietly relished the moments when the executive's kids would come to my office, ask questions, lament their troubles and share their joys.  I realized the importance of creating a safe space for them to share their thoughts and feelings and that my strength in soft skills had a deeper purpose. 

I went back to school and earned an M.Ed in Counseling from Seattle University, and have spent nearly a decade working with children and their parents in both public and private education. Life came full circle when I returned to the corporate sector as a wellness coach for Fortune 100 companies and state agencies, coaching employees around resilience and perseverance during challenging projects. 

It’s with this experience that I have the privilege of meeting my clients where they are at- with a genuine and straight forward approach. I believe that we have the capacity to have difficult and honest conversations if we’re given the right environment with a caring and connected practitioner. I deeply value the difficult work of therapy and feel honored to be part of this process. 

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M.Ed Counseling Seattle University
BA French Language
Nationally Certified Counselor 
Washington State LMHC
License number LH60868338

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Seattle, WA 98146

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