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Mostly Men, Couples and People Raising Kids and Trying Not to Hate Each other


Has your partner threatened divorce or issued an ultimatum? Are you going through a break-up and wondering what the hell just happened?Are you feeling numb and disconnected in love? Are you going on lots of first dates and not making it to the second? Let's work together.

Image by Matheus Ferrero
Image by Alvin Mahmudov


Stuck in the same cycle of fights going nowhere? Looking to speak each other's love language? Wondering how you ever ended up together in the first place? Deciding if it's worth the fight? I work with couples who are trying to get back to the good stuff in love and relationships.


Are you separating, divorcing or still miscommunicating? Are you in the early stages of splitting and wanting a game plan to tell your children? Are you fighting over vacation days, who buys the socks or introducing a new partner into the mix? We can work together to keep the kids first.

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